About Us

How it Started

Boghos Zetlian, with the help of his wife “Vartoug” and his mother in law “Baydzar” opened a modest cafeteria that constituted an excellent start of the so-called Restaurant Al Shams. In year 1985 and after ten years of dedicated work, the Grand opening of Shams Restaurant occured, it was a dream coming true for mr.Boghos. With confident steps that show the after sight of its owner, Boghos continued the path, in 1995, and after years of fame and success at the level of Anjar and nearby towns, the commercial strategy of Mr. Boghos allowed him to purchase some properties nearby his restaurant, what enabled him to expand his business. 

Al Shams Today

Years where the best teacher for Boghos and his family which became an integral part of the Shams Restaurant thereby their experience increased and they were involved more and more in their work,what attracted clients from all around Lebanon and the world, to ensure that all customers are welcomed and entertained. Zeitlian family opened a new hall equipped with the modern technology, meeting the customers’ demands for weddings and special events, enabling Shams restaurant to receive more than 2100 customer at a time till this day and the journey continues…