The Parking by Shams

The Parking, is situated in the serene outskirts of Beirut, far removed from the bustling city life. Nestled in Anjar, Bekaa, it offers an enticing opportunity for a tranquil escape. Featuring charming wooden benches, twinkling lights, and delectable cuisine that ties it all together, dining here is an experience worth cherishing—and one you may find yourself eager to relive with your nearest and dearest.

Shams Buns is the go-to spot for hungry visitors at The Parking, presenting an extensive selection of divine burgers that almost seem unreal. Featuring succulent patties and irresistibly soft buns, your mouth will water long before you glance at the menu.

Meanwhile, within The Parking premises, Rusted Beans delights patrons with delectable desserts and invigorating beverages. This destination caters to enthusiasts of all things sweet and chocolate, providing the perfect post-meal indulgence.